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My story

I studied applied chemistry in food processing, agricultural laboratory and nursing. After a terrible accident that resulted in three knee surgeries and trauma, I studied naturopathic medicine to help me cope with inflammation and depression.

My mission is to help people facing health problems to heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally using natural remedies and products.

I am also involved in my community by working with a group of farmers, Lakou Zaka . This is currently a project to grow cayenne peppers and annatto seeds, and provide wells and sunscreens that will allow people to water their gardens and have electricity for operating the water pumps.

Currently, I am the CEO of two companies: Perpetue Robert, Naturopath and Naturyah .  I see clients individually and virtually as a naturopath to help them cleanse and strengthen their elimination channels to support their immune system and overall health. 

I am the author of the famous Bowel Cleanse eBook and an upcoming book called Master Your Life . I am also the co-author of the book Simple Guide to Support Your Immune System.

As a naturopath and coach, I help people turn their health problems into fuel to unleash their full potential.

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