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Feeding Yourself And The Good Bacteria Is Essential!

Ingredients :

Black beans

Green beans


Nori leaves




Soak your black beans for 8 hours or more

Then throw away the water

Boil them over low heat, until they become soft and crush easily with your fingers.


Green bean

Cut the ends off

Wash them in cold water

Cut into small pieces

Take one to two cups of cooked beans

Sauté garlic, onion and tender peas in (water, or olive oil) I strongly encourage limiting the oil. Leave for 5 minutes to get your tender peas crisp, or longer if you don't want them to be soft.

Add salt, cayenne pepper, kelp powder and at the end your spinach.

You have a salad rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to fill you up and feed your good intestinal bacteria.

Eat your way to good health!

Perpétue Robert, Naturopath

For your health needs, contact me

whatsapp: 438-722 1024

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