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Soft Me Up is designed to keep your skin hydrated. Long-term use will restore damaged skin and give you youthful, supple skin.





Marshmallow may offer anti-inflammatory benefits as it helps to soothe irritation while moisturizing the skin.Traditionally, it has been used to treat skin burns and insect bites. But scientific studies have determined that EMR has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.




Plantain: The powerful antioxidant allantoin found in plantain, which is responsible for cell growth, also regenerates tissue. Plantain leaf helps in skin conditions like eczema, impetigo and other skin problems.




Mullein: contains strong anti-inflammatory properties it is ideal for treating rashes and sensitive skin. Can soothe irritated skin




Oat flower: Reduces redness and irritation of the skin to soothe and relieve skin disorders helps to keep the skin well hydrated.




Some plants that are found in Soft Me Up




Comfrey: It helps to moisturize and soothe dry and irritated skin. It promotes rapid skin cell growth and helps renew the skin, protects against bacteria and other microorganisms, reduces inflammation and helps maintain healthy skin.




Use: For best results use after bathing or hand washing. Rub it all over the skin, especially the dryer parts.




These plants do not usually cause allergic reactions, but if you have a reaction, stop the use immediately.



Soft Me Up

1 Gram
  • Return within 5 days if the product has not softened the skin. The rest of the product must be returned. Transportation costs are at your expense.

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