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5 causes of weak Immune System

1. Poor digestion

Often we heard about people eliminate foods from their diets only, but do not focus on fixing on their digestive problems. Fixing the digestive problem might be the best one to focus

2. Food toxicity and environment

So much toxic substances in our food and environment compromise our immunity. This is why is good to keep the bowels unclogged and do at least a cleanse monthly. Try to avoid pesticide residues as much as you can. The gut cleansing help a lot to unclog the bowels.

3. Out-of –Whack circadian Rhythms

Your body needs to be on nature’s cycle, not doing soc an actually adding more stress on your immune system.With modern life we work all hours of the day. We use electricity when is dark, so we kind of prolonge the day which disturbs melatonin production.

4. Poor Breathing

We have so much stress and a speedy life that we do not breathe properly. The majority of us do not do deep breathing, which diminish tremendously our immune system. Deep breathing help to improves oxygen, digestion, reduce stress. I know when I deep breath, I go immediately to the bathroom.

5. Stress

This a powerful immune compromiser. Stress management is important and one way to decrease it is mindfulness, that help you to stop worrying about the past and the future. Be in the moment is the key. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help.

Perpetue Rober, Naturopath

The Bowel Cleansing Guide can help you cleanse your system regularly.

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