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Do Not Quit!

I want to share with you a story told by Annette Caps,the head of the Charles Capps Ministries, to encourage you today in your way of getting well and being healthy. You are probably discourage to feel good and be better. As she said in her letter, Don’t give up! Don’t give in to an attitude of discouragement.

"When spring arrived this year, I planted beautiful zinnia flowers at the back of my house, because it was my grandmother’s favorite. Then, the weather turned cold and inhibited their growth. A month later the temperature soared to 100+ degrees and we were in a drought. But I kept watering them, shading them when possible, and it was a lot of work! And…yes, I became discouraged at times and was tempted to just let them die, but I didn’t. All my work was rewarded and months later they are healthy, bright, and beautiful.

Aren’t our bodies so much more important? Yet, we sometimes get weary of taking care of them, confessing the Word over them, resisting sickness, and saying “no” to the enemy. However, our bodies are the “temple of the Holy Spirit,” and if we view our efforts to keep them well as a service to God then our attitudes can change. One of the biggest hindrances to health is the words we are speaking (or thinking) about our bodies.

Did you know your body is listening to everything you say about it?

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim) (Romans 10:8 ESV)

You can either speak words of faith through and to your body, or negative, discouraging words. Your body will respond just like those flowers I planted. It took some time, but loving care brought them around. How much more will our bodies respond to the loving words of faith we speak to them? It may take time, but don’t give up!."

This is why in my practice, I use the 3 pillars of naturopathy. Food, neuropsychic (meaning everything pertaining to the brain, like the words, change the way you think), and eliminations. With those 3 the process is way faster and more sustainable. As a bonus, it brings change to different areas of your life.

I want you to know that I am there for you to help you and surround you with faith and love.

Perpetue Robert.

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