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Give it some garlic !!!

Our body is able to do the work of helping us with any problem that we face. It is a masterpiece and it is able to work on its own, but it does need our help.

Hippocrates told us let Food be your medicine. When we do so, the body will be able to fight disease, virus and some bacteria.

Often the remedies are in our own kitchen. One of the herb that is is used worldwide by most of us is garlic.

It is full with sulfur, and help to oxygenate the body. It is a natural antibiotic and help to destroys the unnecessary and harmful bacteria in the whole human system.

It is a universal antiseptic, It can be used internally, externally or applied on the body.

Boiling the garlic reduces its active virtues considerably. So it is better in its raw state.

Here a recipe shared by Dr. David Christopher that will help you to make a natural antibiotic to help the body fight infection.

1 head cauliflower

8 - 16 cloves garlic

Distilled Water

Chop the head of cauliflower and cover with distilled water. Simmer on low heat until the cauliflower is soft. Blend in high powered blender with 16 cloves garlic. This is an easy way to consume high amounts of garlic and is especially helpful when fighting infections. The cauliflower ameliorates the sharpness of the garlic. You can season with salt and pepper if desired.

It is for education purposes , it is not to cure or replace your antibiotic.

Follow up with your doctor.

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Nicole Cyril
Nicole Cyril
Feb 08, 2022

Thank you Perpetue for the Imformation that will help me and my family

Perpetue  Robert
Perpetue Robert
Feb 09, 2022
Replying to

A pleasure! please share with us how it goes❤️

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