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Stop sitting and start squatting

Sedentary takes years off your life, most people living in western countries are sedentary for almost nine hours a day.

Sitting passively in a chair has some health risks associated with it. According to a study, sitting in a chair your muscles are fully relaxed, and it decreases metabolism.

Some research stated that sitting more than 4 hours a day leads to:

• Shutting down the enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats

• Leg muscles switch off

• Diminution of the calorie burning

• Disrupted blood sugar levels

• Increased insulin and blood pressure levels

All of that increases the risk of chronic problems like backache, obesity, muscle degeneration, and more.

A better option, squatting

When you squat even though you are resting, your muscles are still active. It has a lot of benefits for the body including lymphatic circulation.

Benefits of squatting for your lymphatic system

The muscular contraction of the lower limbs and torso encourages lymphatic circulation. On the contrary, sitting in a chair for hours turn off your muscles and stops the circulation of the lymph.

The lymphatic system is the largest circulatory system of the body and it helps the immune system, taking toxic material out of the body, and delivering fatty acids as baseline energy for cells.

Cannot Squat then Stand.

Next time you are watching your TV, or after a meal thinks of squatting or standing.


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