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Tips to finish October healthy and prepare for the cold months ahead

If you live in the northern hemisphere you can notice that we have less sun. And because the sun's energy is lessened, our body responds by increasing its digestive fire.

If we look at the food that is available in the season, we will see that they require stronger digestion because they are higher in fat and denser, they are protein-rich foods that are harvested in the fall to be consumed during the winter months. Those foods require a stronger digestive system which occurs during winter when there is less sun.

Sometimes we often think that the body is colder during winter is the contrary, the body's digestive fire response becomes stronger to digest more dense foods that will provide insulation for winter.

In nature now, we see that the leaves are turning red and falling this is an example that nature's detox cycle. We can even say like the medicine Ayurveda the heat is going to the trees and drying the leaves.

We like the trees need to prepare ourselves. We see abundant fall food that nature prepares for us, and the temperatures are lower, then we need to detox the body as the trees are doing.

If you are someone that only eats perishables harvested season then you are probably making a natural cleansing response. But, most of us do not then you need to detox.

Examples of foods of the season and how they act on the body.

Apples dissipate heat and help the intestinal villi and act like a diuretic, watermelons are diuretics, and pomegranates help to clean the blood and the liver. Mother Nature knows!!!

If the natural laws are not followed, there is a lot of chance that the heat from the summer will dry out the body which will continue with the fall and winter dryness. Our mucus membranes will also dry out and this is in our mucus membranes that the microbes responsible for our immune system lives. And dried mucus membranes are a potential killer of our good microbes and we become more susceptible to cold and flu viruses.

I love October as the trees are getting so colorful. We come from a higher carb diet in summer and the end of it and we now go to a cooler season with more proteins and fats

I love fruits, but soon they will be gone and we will only have grains that will be left for a while. All that depends on where you live. I live in the northern hemisphere and some areas get colder faster, while some are holding onto summer. What you need to understand is to stay tuned to clime changes in your area and adjust accordingly, day by day.

7 Ways to Stay Balanced this October

  1. Eat More Seeds (high-fat content like pumpkin seeds)

  2. Increase Water Consumption

  3. Buy Ripe End-of-Summer Veggies

  4. Boost Digestive Strength ( take beet)

  5. Eat Apples, Pomegranates + Watermelon (help with lymph and the kidneys)

  6. Boost Immunity

  7. Detox ( the monthly detox here) Subscribe to the flat belly program, this is the best time to do it.

Perpétue Robert, Naturopathe

Office: 514- 360 9858

Whatsapp: 438 722 1024

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