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Daily Routine To Help You During Fall & Winter

I talked a lot about seasonal transitions because they are important to keep you healthy. If you live in Occident your body now is transitioning between summer into fall and winter.

According to Ayurveda Science, there are three primary harvests: Spring, Summer, and Fall. The foods that are harvested during fall are eaten throughout winter.

Transitioning season is an important time because our health can have real setbacks or risk of illness if we do not stay balanced.

To stay balanced we need to adjust our Food, lifestyle, and detox the body.

I will discuss with you 5 points that can help you stay balanced during Fall and Winter.

1- Eat more seasonal fruits

An example is apples. Apple helps with the intestinal skin layer, especially the small intestines. Some people are worried about the apples, but using the whole apple will help with the blood sugar because of the phloridzin, a flavonoid found in apple skin that helps with blood sugar. Of course, organic is the best and non-sprayed with chemicals

The apples are best to eat whole than drinking juice according to researchers associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

I love Cooking them slightly with cinnamon and clove.

2- Eat More bread because is the season when grains are harvested.

Fall is a grain season. You can give yourself more permission to eat a bit more bread. But you have to be cautious. Use it sparingly and if you eat it, eat more Ezekiel Bread made with sourdough, sprouted with no flour, fermented, and most important, bread that is baked with only salt and water as oil tends to be rancid.

Grains provide more soluble fiber in wither and usually feed the good bacteria. If you have a digestive problem and it is hard for you to digest bread try to cook them in a more digestive way, like porridge.

3- Eat More Protein

Our body needs protein because our joints need them and grains protect them from drying because the synovial fluid that helps with joint lubrication is composed of more than 200 proteins.

Because of the cold, the body starts to store proteins and fats to help us gain weight as insulation. Proteins should be limited or exempt during summer and especially animal protein.

Nuts are a great source of natural protein. My primary source of protein is nuts. It is good to vary them, sunflowers, almonds, cashews, walnuts, brazil, and pecans preferably raw, unsalted, and organic are the best and highly suggest.

4- Cold Showers, a must to prepare for the cold winter

I love the cold shower, it had helped me in the past to feel better mentally and physically during my hard times. It seems weird, but regular cold showers help to build more brown fat which will help to tolerate the cold from winter.

As you probably know already, I haven’t used soap in my body for years now my skin just glowing.

I usually use oil (Mamy Kaya Baobab or Moringa to massage my body before or during the shower.

I dry brush before that.

After my shower then I use Soft Me Up Perpetue’s body butter which helps my body to be moisturized and youthful.

5- Exercise, Meditation to help stay calm and connected

With the dark of the season, people tend to be depressed and I find that exercise is a great way to keep me joyful. Besides my cold shower, I take also my favorite herbal tea, Merry Heart, which I will share in the next article. If you follow me close enough you know it by now because It saved me and I will be forever grateful for it.

Daily exercise is best, but I found that I need 3 or 4 times a week to at least keep my mind and body in shape. And stretching to keep my joint and articulation flexible.

Deep Breathing is a must to help calm the nervous system and The Lord knows how much I need that to help me keep calm. There is different breathing technique to help strengthen the diaphragm. It is a good practice before meditation or prayer. I find my mind to be more focused when I calm the nervous system and oxygenate the tissues. I stay more focused and have more mental clarity.

For more help with your health, take a clarity call or a consultation.

Visit the store to get your detox fiber or the gut cleansing ebook.

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Perpetue Robert Naturopath, copyright October 2022

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